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Ruby’s Hall & Banquet Center
The pavers are set and the fence is installed. We even have some mood lighting. Next the benches need to be built. They should be ready by springtime. A platforms has been built and painted for the potted plants. Of course in the spring we will have to get the plants and maybe some potted trees to liven up the place. Sheila has in mind some type of fountain for the patio, so we need to start checking out all of that. We are also looking into some way to pump the music out to the patio. So you can see that things are moving along. We keep trying to make Ruby’s extra-special for you.
We are always thinking of new things to do to improve your experience at Ruby’s. If you can think of any way we can make your day more special, please let us know
We have been batting around some various idea about improvements to the kitchen & serving areas. As well as some landscaping that will make for nice areas for photographs and outdoor events. And some changes to the front room that will greatly improve the atmosphere for future events.
More instore for the future
The new patio area is still in the works...
We are making Ruby’s better all of the time!
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